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Agree: Legalization of Marijuana

Agree that marijuana should be legalized?  There are actually quite a few reasons that marijuana should be made legal.  For instance, it would save our government money and actually generate revenue for our country and some companies.  Drug dealers and terrorist networks funded by the drug trade would take a significant hit to their businesses.  Legalization of this drug would actually make crime rates drop.  Also, marijuana is no more harmful to individuals than alcohol or cigarettes are, and it can be used as a stress reliever.  The legalization of marijuana would actually produce measurable benefits regarding an array of issues.

The legalization of marijuana would have a serious impact on our country’s economy and crime rates.  If the laws were changed, Jeffery A. Miron, a Harvard professor, estimated that $7.7 billion would be saved by law enforcement agencies and $6.2 billion could be generated through taxation.  This money could be used to help relieve the country’s current economic situation or to crack down on more serious crimes, such as rape and murder.  The underground market is controlled by drug dealers, many of which support terrorists organizations.  If marijuana was legalized, the enormous street prices for pot would be greatly lowered because these drug dealers would have much more competition to deal with.  Large benefits would likely be seen by many companies, such as Archer Daniels Midland, ConAgra Foods, Consellation Brands, and Allied Domecq, who would be the growers and distributes of marijuana, if it were made legal to use.  Even Home Depot may see a rise in revenue as some people would choose to grow their own pot.  The legalization of marijuana would not only save our government money and lower crime rates, but it would benefit the agricultural portion of our economy greatly.

Additionally, marijuana should be legalized because it is no more dangerous than other similar drugs.  Many doctors believe that marijuana is no more addictive than alcohol or cigarettes.  Also, overdosing on marijuana is unheard of as it has a negligible therapeutic index; you do not need to smoke a lot of it to attain the desired high.  The claims that smoking pot is 4 times more carcinogenic than smoking cigarettes are unfair; how many people chain smoke pot compared to cigarettes.  Simply put people smoke a significantly less amount of marijuana than cigarettes to maintain their high or control their addiction.  Pot can also be used effectively to reduce stress levels, and it is used in the treatment of many medical issues, such as with glaucoma or patients undergoing chemotherapy.  Overall marijuana is a much safer drug compared to alcohol or cigarettes with regards to the negative effects that it can have on ones health, but it also has many legitimate uses.

Marijuana should be made legal because of the many positive changes that it would create. Removing the prohibition on pot would reduce crime rates, help regarding the war on terrorism, and give the agricultural economy a much needed boost.  It is also no more dangerous than other related drugs and shows that it has numerous medical uses.  Legalizing marijuana is something that when examined carefully shows many benefits to a large number of areas.

Disagree: Legalization of Marijuana

Disagree with the legalization of marijuana?  There are quite a few reasons that this drug should remain illegal.  Most importantly marijuana is a stepping stone drug for more serious drugs.  Making marijuana legal would increase the number of accidents that are caused due to the use of this substance.  Along with the legalization of marijuana comes many health concerns from second hand smoking to damaging mental development.  Making marijuana legal would cause a number of negative side effects to develop within our society as a whole.

The legalization of marijuana will create many serious health problems.  For instance, marijuana is often used as an intermediate step to hard drugs, such as cocaine and heroine.  A National Institute on Drug Abuse survey concluded that marijuana smokers are 30 times more likely to use cocaine than those who have not smoke it.  Its legalization would simply encourage more drug use and abuse which would really turn our society upside down.  Furthermore, abusing this drug has a negative impact on an individual’s mental development.  It inhibits one’s ability to concentrate, maintain motivation, and strife to achieve goals.  Additionally, second hand smoke would become more widespread which would increase the risk of lung cancer for users and innocent bystanders.  Smoking a joint is 4 times more carcinogenic than smoking a cigarette.  Also, it is likely that this drug would fall into the hands of our nation’s youth if legalized; this could lead to abuse and other severe consequences for our country’s future generations.  The health risks that are associated with marijuana are just part of the reason that it should remain illegal.

In addition to the increased health dilemmas that marijuana created, it also would create problems within our society.  People who smoke or sell marijuana are already committing  a drug related felony and the likelihood that they will commit other felonies is greater than those that have not committed drug related felonies.  If these people are put in jail for drug related charges, then they are unable to commit other crimes.  Many times there is not enough evidence to imprison such persons for serious crimes, such as murder and rape, but if they are taken off the street due to an additional drug related crime, then society will be safer as a whole.  The legalization of marijuana would simply make the crime rates increase and our society would be a more dangerous place.

The effects on our society of making marijuana legal would be quite drastic.  The damages that this drug can cause to people because of its use and abuse can be quite tragic with regards to a person’s life.  It also is a  link in drug use for people to move on to more serious drugs.  It will increase the crime and accident rates in our country if legalized, which means people will be less safe.  There as the reasons that the legalization of marijuana is a horrible idea.