Agree: Government Vouchers for Private Schools

Agree that government vouchers funding private schools should be allowed? Parents should have the option to send their children to the educational institute of their choosing.  This option would likely create competition between schools and improve the quality of our educational system.  Government vouchers would enable everyone to have access to the best education.  Government vouchers that fund private schools are actually quite beneficial when examined closely.

If richer parents have the option to send their children to the school of their choosing, then poorer parents should also have this choice.  Some public institutes are not able to provide the level of education that is necessary.  In order to compensate for this inadequate level of education that some public schools offer, government vouchers would enable everyone to have access to quality schools.  If government vouchers are not given, then poorer parents could be forced to send their children to failing public schools, while richer parents will opt to pay for private institutes.  By allowing the government to fund schools vouchers, there would be increased competition between schools.  This competition would force school to improve their quality of education.  No longer would public schools be enabled to coast along without being accountable; currently, public schools effectively have a monopoly because there are no other options.  If other options are made available through school vouchers, then the overall education that public and private schools provide will improve.  Government vouchers for private schools would provide a balanced playing field for parents of all incomes and increase the quality of our society’s educational system.

Private schools currently provide a better education than public schools do.  Private schools may have their significant costs, but they must provide a superior quality of education to stay in business.  If private schools did not, then parents would simply choose to send their children to public schools.  Private schools have a accountability, whereas public schools do not.  Public schools will have students even if their quality of education is worse.  Private schools can give students a better educational background because they can use more flexible teaching methods.  Simply put, private schools provide a better level of education than public school because they must do this to continue their existence.

Government funding for school vouchers should be allowed because there are many benefits.  The argument that government vouchers impose a religion on the public is invalid.  Parents will be the ones making the choice for their child to attend a public, religious private, or non-religious private school, thus the government is not forcing a religion upon anyone which would violate the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.  School vouchers improve the quality of education by creating competition between schools; all parents would have an option regarding which school to have their child attend.  Government vouchers that fund private schools are favorable regarding our society’s education.


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