Disagree: USA’s Role as World’s Police

The United States of America does not have any right to act as the world’s police.  Who gives America the power to decide when to interfere with others foreign affairs that are clearly not within their jurisdiction.  People within the America and even people outside the it oppose the idea that the they have the right to and should use their military and financial powers in order to act as the world’s policeman.  The financial costs and negative impact that comes with this role is the reason that America should not and can not act as the police for this modern world society.

The United States of America already has enough problems of their own when it comes to money.  The current global economic crisis means that America has less financial power to use as leverage.  If the USA continues to act as the world police, then they will continue to drive themselves further into debt as the cost associated with this role is extremely high.  Additionally, U.S. soldiers are put into harm’s way when the U.S. decides that is is necessary to interfere with affairs that should not be meddled with by them alone.  Furthermore, not only American soldiers injured and killed during this operations, but civilians are often killed during these missions.  Money and human lives should not be wasted so frivolously.

The views of the people within these countries should also be considered.  Many people in other countries have conflicting or different values from the U.S., and America needs to learn that the rights and values of other governments and civilians should be respected.  In addition, who gives the U.S. the power to act as the world’s police and enforce whatever they see as right?  The U.S. is bound to make wrong decisions, for instance when they armed and financed Saddam Hussein.  If the United States of America continues to act as the world police, it will likely result in an increase in an already growing issue, regarding the  anti-American sentiment that has started to spread around the world.  The United States of America needs to stop acting as the world’s police because no one has granted them with this power, other countries and people do things differently, and more problems have been created rather than solved.

The USA’s role as the world’s police should simply not exist.  The financial and military pressures that this puts on a country is unnecessary.  Also, the U.S. should respect the rights of others and allow them to maintain their own control and values.  No one has granted America the power or control to take this role upon themselves, thus they should not act as the world’s police without the consent of others.  If this is not done, anti-Americanism will continue to increase further.  The United States of America should tend to their own issues instead of creating more problems within the world’s society by acting as a global policeman.

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