Disagree: Outsourcing Jobs

Disagree with outsourcing jobs to other countries?  As the business market continues to expand on a global level, outsourcing is becoming a major issue.  Outsourcing takes jobs from people in a certain country and distributes them elsewhere around the world because the costs to do these jobs in other places are less.  There are many disadvantages of outsourcing that include: loss of control, poorer quality, etc.  Outsourcing not only takes jobs from the home country of the company, but it also puts the company at risk.

It is not fair for a company to outsource jobs from their home country due to cheaper labor costs.  It causes the employees at that company to lose their job, and less taxes are generated by the business in the home country; it gives the company a negative image.  Companies should remain bound to their home country in which they started up in.  By outsourcing companies walk away from their foundation in the country in which they started by laying off the employees who once made their company so successful.  The company is not only cheating its past employees out of what they deserve, but as a result of outsourcing the company will have an end result of paying less taxes to the government of their home country.  This means that outsourcing hurts both the past employees of the company and the entire country itself through the government.  Outsourcing of jobs can have dire effects on the families of the employees who’s jobs are outsourced, and it can cause them great struggle to just make it by in daily life.  Companies are depriving the countries in which they started up in, as well as, their past employees of what they deserve through the process of outsourcing jobs.

When a company outsources jobs they lose control of that part of their company.  They are entrusting a piece of their company, in hope that it will continue to be run in the same quality manner as prior to outsourcing.  Unfortunately, many of the job functions that are outsourced only cost less because the jobs are performed in a poorer quality manner.  Parts that are made will not be able to sustain the same maximum specifications that the parts produced in the home country were able to perform.  By engaging in outsourcing, companies are simply trading cost for quality and this can have serious negative affects on the company.  This trade off can deter customers from continuing to by their products.  Additionally, by outsourcing many companies are given a bad public image, which can also have an impact upon their sales.  Outsourcing basically reduces a companies control over themselves, causes them to lose part or all of their public image, and results in poorer quality of production.

Outsourcing jobs is not the answer to reducing the costs with which companies must deal with.  Outsourcing may lower costs, but what they get in return will have a greater negative impact upon the company with regards to their business as a whole.  Companies have an unspoken debt to the countries in which they started and by outsourcing they are backing out on it.  Jobs are eliminated, public image is damaged, and quality of services or goods are reduced as a result of it.  Companies should avoid outsourcing because the end effect of it will damage their business.


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