Disagree: Legalization of Marijuana

Disagree with the legalization of marijuana?  There are quite a few reasons that this drug should remain illegal.  Most importantly marijuana is a stepping stone drug for more serious drugs.  Making marijuana legal would increase the number of accidents that are caused due to the use of this substance.  Along with the legalization of marijuana comes many health concerns from second hand smoking to damaging mental development.  Making marijuana legal would cause a number of negative side effects to develop within our society as a whole.

The legalization of marijuana will create many serious health problems.  For instance, marijuana is often used as an intermediate step to hard drugs, such as cocaine and heroine.  A National Institute on Drug Abuse survey concluded that marijuana smokers are 30 times more likely to use cocaine than those who have not smoke it.  Its legalization would simply encourage more drug use and abuse which would really turn our society upside down.  Furthermore, abusing this drug has a negative impact on an individual’s mental development.  It inhibits one’s ability to concentrate, maintain motivation, and strife to achieve goals.  Additionally, second hand smoke would become more widespread which would increase the risk of lung cancer for users and innocent bystanders.  Smoking a joint is 4 times more carcinogenic than smoking a cigarette.  Also, it is likely that this drug would fall into the hands of our nation’s youth if legalized; this could lead to abuse and other severe consequences for our country’s future generations.  The health risks that are associated with marijuana are just part of the reason that it should remain illegal.

In addition to the increased health dilemmas that marijuana created, it also would create problems within our society.  People who smoke or sell marijuana are already committing  a drug related felony and the likelihood that they will commit other felonies is greater than those that have not committed drug related felonies.  If these people are put in jail for drug related charges, then they are unable to commit other crimes.  Many times there is not enough evidence to imprison such persons for serious crimes, such as murder and rape, but if they are taken off the street due to an additional drug related crime, then society will be safer as a whole.  The legalization of marijuana would simply make the crime rates increase and our society would be a more dangerous place.

The effects on our society of making marijuana legal would be quite drastic.  The damages that this drug can cause to people because of its use and abuse can be quite tragic with regards to a person’s life.  It also is a  link in drug use for people to move on to more serious drugs.  It will increase the crime and accident rates in our country if legalized, which means people will be less safe.  There as the reasons that the legalization of marijuana is a horrible idea.

March 9th, 2009 9:28 am

“Smoking a joint is 4 times more carcinogenic than smoking a cigarette” is true but people smoke way more cigarettes than joints. I would have to say comparing 1 joint to 4 cigarettes is about right but 1 joint every week opposed to a pack a day which means 140/4 you would have to smoke 35 joints to be able to amount to the amount of cigarettes taken by a smoker.


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May 6th, 2009 1:05 pm

Many people smoke marijuana because it is illegal, same as with other crimes. People like attention and many times are willing to do anything to get it. If marijuana was legalized, yes, it would increase some health issues for some but, in my opinion, many would quit because it wouldn’t be as much of a big deal because it is legal. They wont be seen as a ‘daredevil’ anymore. Also, if it is legalized and people are forwarned about the medical consequences, yet choose to smoke it regularly, then if they die of cancer or have mental health issues, then it’s honestly their own fault because they were warned about those consequences.

That is what I think about it.

May 25th, 2009 8:56 am

I agree with alison on this one. remember prohibition, and the huge problems America had? It was a huge deal when it was illegal, it created huge crime rings, and people broke the law just for show. then it was made legal, and most problems went away. Marijuana only affects the user, so who is the government to say no, you cant do this its bad for you? is it really, and why is the government in control of our lifestyle choices?

October 21st, 2009 1:13 pm

I agree with Alison on this one too. I don’t believe there would be such negative affects on society. I truly believe that if marijuana was legalized many would stop. For some it’s just the thrill of the hunt. Can anyone tell me how many people have been documented as ‘dying by marijuana use’?

October 26th, 2009 6:07 pm

“People involved with marijuana are more likely to commit other crimes.” -WRONG -Theyll be too high on their ass to comit any felony. They are just as likely as you and me to commit a crime.

“Also, it is likely that this drug would fall into the hands of our nation’s youth if legalized; this could lead to abuse and other severe consequences for our country’s future generations.” -WRONG- I’m 16 i smoke weed and I find it easier to buy a gram of weed than it is to buy alcohol. Weed is’nt that bad i take it you’ve never smoked weed a day in your life go relax smoke a joint then you’ll want to rewrite this essay.

February 3rd, 2010 8:48 am

i agree with antonio!
we will live the life of bob marleyy..
somehow whether you want to believe this or not,
some people just got more creative and can do more work when they got high. this will happen if only you train yourself to do work and move around when you’re high.

February 11th, 2010 12:49 pm

The first high is the best, and if a user continues to use marijuana the amount needed to get that same high will increase. Which in turn could eventually lead to marijuana users obtaining no high. Leading them to resort to harder drugs to obtain thier high.

April 2nd, 2010 10:25 am

I can clearly see that whoever wrote this is programmed to do as ur told so as a veteran smoker of this fine cannibis i would like to say 1st before you knock it so hard u should try it i believe it’ll change ur life 2nd of all who ever wrote this you should do what ive done for 10 years plus which is research about weed so that u will know the facts all that u put in there was lies sound like u was typing this up while someone was lying to you an neither one of u have the facts i feel sorry for u and ur kind u drug free people claim to live such better lives cuz u dont smoke well guess what the goverment has a better way to get rid of people who dont do drugs of your own persciption medicine is not designed to cure u its there to give u more problems yall side effects are more painful then the problem that u originally had to start with the FDA does this ring a bell the food an drug administration u kno they work together so the food u eat today makes u sick tommorrow im glad i smoke weed for 17 years now and i started when i was 9 ive made some mistakes like anybody else but guess what if u think i lack motivation i own my own buisness im a college student and i work side jobs like yard work for people jus so i dont get lazy i also eat very healty and i dont really understand y becuz im very thin an athletic looking but i eat lots of fruits and veggies i love them when im high mc donalds and buger king jus arent that appetizing to me like it was when i was younger i havent really eaten fast food in a couple of years i like to cook an show off my creative skills ive never heard of any case where someone has died from weed smoke but ciggerettes and alcohol thats a different story also when i smoke weed i dont want no other substance weed just feels so gud i dont need anything else no pills no cocaine or any of that hard stuff only people with weak minds and stong tolerance do that kinda thing and alot of people who do that hard drugs drink more than smoke i really think whoever wrote this needs to go back an do some research and get the facts and once u have the facts try smoking weed or eating it or vaporizing it and see how u feel i can garrantee if u try another drug like cocaine u wont even see the big deal as to y people like it ull most likely stick wit weed so go get the facts then u come back and talk to us norml people like u have some sense.
and another thing when i be high i dont be thinking bout commiting no crimes its bad enough the police hating cus im smoking weed they wanna do something so bad but when they catch me i dont even wanna run or hide i jus give them my weed and be like dam dont yall have a rapist or a murderer or someone to go catch yall messing with me and im jus chillin minding my buisness im sorry that u couldnt catch me driving drunk borderline about to kill someone innocent who probably dont even do no drugs at all im sorry i couldnt be that big drug dealer u want that big bust i understand but im just a guy tring to make it i wish i could be this master criminal that u seek so it wud make ur job worth while but im jus a petty smoker who likes to work and chill officer so cud u please let me go so i can go an get somemore weed cus u done blew my high i cant even believe that i have to live my life according to how someone else tells me to when u gonna tell that its healty to kill myself officer or jump off bridges so i can follow ur crowd i mean really smoking weed really gives my a since of real freedom who r u to tell me dont do ur drugs do our drugsnot only do they kill ya but they mess u up in other ways so that u will have to take more drug to offset the side effects of the first drugs u took isnt that great america is the best we will legalize the drugs that kill u but beware of the one substance that doesnt kill we hate these types of drugs like weed how can we ever make money if weed dont make u sick we cant have a reliable healthcare system if noones getting sick so do our drugs and we ban ur drugs cus there bad fuck the goverment and all the republicans who try to make all the decisions based off of how much money it will put in there pocket u call us drug dealers and such but look around the goverment sells more drugs than any country in the world more people die from drugs that comme from yall hands than our hands so whose really the druglord of the street yall dont mind getting everybody addicted to what yall selling and they but when we try to put one in the air yall treat us like the criminal if u legalizing reafa wont change a thing a kid can get weed now faster than he could get ciggerettes or alcohol so what are u really saying i smoke weed with this guy name johny kane and he will be turning 90 years old this year i plan to get him high as hell then were gonna dance with some women and drink alittle an jus have a gud time minding our buisness it nice to kno that i can smoke weed into old age but its not the same for ciggerettes or alcohol im done i could go all day but i think yall get the drift

May 15th, 2010 11:43 pm

since when did the government make any law based upon the well being of its people? really? Do you people know what you are actually eating on a daily basis? How about the medicine that is “legal”? Come on already! it boils down to the control of the dollar. And the fact that far too many people would think entirely too much if they were free to do so. what a shame.

January 19th, 2011 4:04 pm


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