Agree: Three Strikes Law

Agree with the three strikes laws?  There are a multitude of reasons that the three strike laws should stay in effect.  They are a strong deterrent for criminals to not commit a third crime.  Additionally, this law fixes the flaws in the American judicial system, so that repeat offenders can not abuse the system, instead these perpetrators will stay in prison where they are unable to commit further crimes.  This law only applies to three convictions for crimes and does not account for crimes that the criminals may or may not have committed.  The three strike law is necessary to help reduce crime rates and prevent potential future crimes.

The above graph shows that as a result of implementing the three strikes law in California that crime rates have significantly dropped per populous.  Criminals will obviously consider the consequence of a 25 year to a life time sentence for a third felony crime prior to committing their third felony.  Even though the three strike laws are meant to prevent a third felony crime from being committed, many criminals get away with crimes.  This means that criminals can only be charged under the three strikes law for the third time that they have been  convicted.  Additionally, this law fixes a problem in the current judicial system.  Many criminals will continue to commit crime after crime, but the three strike laws provide a strong resistance for further crimes prior to their first two convictions.  Most crimes are committed by repeat offenders and this law prevent future crime, so this is the reason that it has been so effective. The three strikes law has clearly had a dramatic impact on the crime rates; it has started to change the way that crime functions in society for the betterment of the general population.

The effects that the three strikes law has had are quite beneficial; crimes rates have dropped, and the way that criminals look at crime has also started to change.  The introduction of this law has provided a strong deterent against future crime from repeat criminals.  The problems in the American judicial system were addressed and fixed with the creation of the this law.  The three strikes law has had a significant and positive effect regarding the battle against crime.


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