Agree: Outsourcing Jobs

Agree with outsourcing jobs to other countries?  Outsourcing is a means of increasing efficiency and has the end effect of making products cheaper.  It can work both ways, meaning that some jobs will be lost in a country due to it, but others will be gained.  Also, countries that make laws prohibit companies from outsourcing are really hurting themselves.

By engaging in outsourcing, companies are able to lower their costs of a process while maintaining the same quality of the resultant product.  If the end product is of poorer quality prior to that of outsourcing, then the company will need to decide if the trade off of quality for quantity is worth it.  It is likely that the company will not outsource if the quality is of significant difference as this will create additional negative side effects.  Thus, outsourcing is simply a company searching for the cheapest means of production.  By shifting the location of where a process is done, costs can be lowered significantly and efficiency is increased as a result.  This increase in efficiency will make the products cheaper for the consumers which will benefit the global economy and individuals.  Outsourcing increases efficiency and is beneficial on a whole.

Although outsourcing can be seen as a loss of jobs; it is also creating jobs in another location.  Outsourcing is the change or transfer of jobs from one location to another because of the lower costs associated with this new location.  Outsourcing has recently been a growing concern for Americans, who are afraid that many jobs will be lost during the process of this transfer.  In fact in America, the number of jobs that were insourced outnumbers the jobs that were outsourced to other countries.  Additionally, the jobs that are being insourced are usually higher paying jobs.  Concerns about losing your jobs to outsourcing are reasonable, but on a whole the process of outsourcing is beneficial to the global economy.  Countries will have specific niches in which they excel at and the overall costs associated with the process or production will be significantly lower because of the competition that outsourcing takes advantage of.

Outsourcing is not an evil; it should not be avoided as it is inevitable.  Competition is a part of the gloal economy in which we live and outsourcing allows companies to take advantage of this competition which results is improved effeciency.  These changes benefit all of us on the large scale and overall costs will drop as a result.  We can not stop the transfer of jobs from outsourcing due to necessary changes that must be made to increase effeciency; outsourcing is a benecial tool that companies need to use in our global economy.

February 26th, 2009 11:57 pm

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