Agree: Drug Testing In The Workplace

Agree with drug testing in the workplace?  Companies have the right to get deliverable from their employees in return for their compensation; drug usage whether used inside or outside the workplace have negative effects on the performance of employees.  Basically, employees who do not engage in the use of illegal drugs are better employees for the company.  Studies show that substance abusers, whether it be illegal drugs or alcohol, are 33% less productive, 300% more likely to be late, 400% more likely to hurt themselves or others at work, and 1000% more likely to miss work.  The correlation to job performance and drug abuse is clear; companies need to protect themselves from the negative aspects that are brought into their businesses by employees who engage in illegal substance abuse.

Many companies have had incredible results from the implementation of drug tests into their business structure.  For instance, when the State of Ohio introduced random drug testing, the results were the following: a 91% decrease in absenteeism, 88% less problems with supervisors, and 97% less on the job injuries.  Furthermore, a Wisconsin cardboard factory was contacted by their insurers about their high level of on the job injuries.  When random drug testing was put into place at this factory, on the job accidents fell by 72% the following year.  These types of results produced by the utilization of random drug testing in the workplace is quite remarkable.

In addition to those improvements, random drug testing in the workplace may change the way in which companies interact with the general public regarding safety.  The BMA’s (Business Marketing Association) figures suggest that 10% of all doctors may abuse alcohol or illegal drugs.  That breaks down to 10,000 doctors that treat around 200,000 patients each and every day.  Do you want a surgeon suffering from withdraw to be operating on you?  When you consider that a team of doctors will be involved in an operation, it is likely that one of them will be a substance abuser.  Many other professions also have profound impacts on the safety of the public.

Random drug testing is necessary to change many things in business for the better.  Increased performance, a decrease in absences, and less on the job injuries result from the usage of drug testing in the workplace.  These type of effects can not be disregarded as the connection between substance abuse and the workplace is clear.  You simply can not disagree with drug testing in the workplace when the impact is so significant.

February 26th, 2009 11:56 pm

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