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Legalization of Marijuana:

Lowering the Drinking Age:

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Physician Assisted Suicide:

Sacrificing Civil Liberties in War Time:

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Three Strikes Law:

USA’s Role as World’s Police:

Disagree: Sacrifice Civil Liberties in War Time

No one should have to sacrifice their civil liberties in order to help fight a war. Civil liberties should be protected and respected regardless of whether a country is in war time. Taking away someone’s civil liberties in a time of war is completely contradictory. Our constitutional rights are being violated if these rights are taken away when the government determines the country is in war time. What is to stop them from abusing this power and taking our civil liberties away when there is some other threat? Sacrificing civil liberties is not something that should be condoned even in war time.

Taking away a person’s civil liberties destroys the definition of what living in the United States of America is all about. With regards to the war on terror, the sacrifice of our civil liberties is a victory for them. This surrender of our civil liberties breaks down the essence of being American. Additionally, our constitutional rights are being violated if we are required to give up our civil liberties to the government in a time of war. If our civil liberties were surrendered, people could be followed to their place of worship (1st Amendment), prevented from access to a lawyer to defend them (6th Amendment), held without a trial (7th Amendment), and even our right to privacy (implied in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 9th Amendment) would be violated. This sort of treatment from our government is unacceptable regardless of if our country is in war or not.

Furthermore, who will ensure that abuse of this situation from our government would not occur? This “War on Terror” still has no foreseeable end, years after it has been started. Unlike traditional nation vs nation wars, which eventually end in a cease fire, a peace treaty signing, or one country taking over another, this “War on Terror” is not against any country and is something that could essentially go on forever. Since this is the case, if our civil liberties are given up to help fight this “War on Terror”, they could be gone forever if our government choose to abuse this power. Even if you trust the current administration, what about the next one that comes into power? Who is going to stop the government from using the information they gather for non-terror or non-war purposes? The information that would be gather, if we surrendered our civil liberties, could be used in other situations which is harmful to our country as a whole. In addition, it could lead to racial profiling and discrimination. Should the law abiding Arab-American and Muslims be subject to unfair treatment simply because we are stereotyping? This should of treatment and abuse is uncalled for and must never happen.

Surrendering our civil liberties is an absurd idea and would result in many negative things. What this country was build on, would be destroyed instantly. Civil rights could be abused, and the government could use information gathered in improper methods. Racial profiling and other forms of discrimination would be encouraged; this is simply unacceptable. Sacrificing our civil liberties to help in war time has no merit.

Agree: USA’s Role as World’s Police

The United States of America should act as the world’s police for a large variety of issues.  It is necessary that the USA take this role upon themselves in order to protect the world from the many evils that are struggling to do damage to the society in which we live.  No one else is able to take up this role, so this leaves the U.S. as the only options.  With the USA acting as the world’s police, countries will have a chance to grow and develop even when they are threatened by evil forces that they can not overpower by themselves.

Some nations in this world can not combat the strong forces that are trying to take them over, and America must intervene to ensure the safety of these countries.  There are many unstable regions that can act as safe heavens for terrorists or warlords.  Since some countries lack the financial and military power to do something to control these areas, it may be necessary for the United States of America to take matters into their own hands.  Without help from the USA, these countries will be unable to develop and grow to their maximum potential.  The U.S.’s role as the world’s police will surely turn the entire world into a more united, safer, and stabler society.

The United States of America is the only country with the means to act as the police for the world.  America must step up and fulfill this role because evils within world will run rampant otherwise.  The U.N. has clearly shown that in times when the world needs policing, they will not act as the world’s police.  With the USA taking this role, genocides and terrible atrocities can be avoided.  Militant ideologies and threats can no longer grow to near uncontrollable proportions that threaten the democratic society of today.  Lives may be lost, but the number of lives that would have been lost without this control and role of the world police would be much greater otherwise.  America needs to be respected and supported for acting as the world police because it takes a substantial sacrifice on their part.

The U.S. should use their power and control to be the world’s police.  Unstable regions filled with warlords and terrorists will be brought back under control, and the countries that once were filled with these areas, would be able to grow unhindered.  Genocides and inhuman treatment would be lessened and avoided.  Threats to the safety and existence of countries would be subdued; oppression and terror to regions would be overcome with the help of the USA as the world police.  The United States role as the world police will obviously be beneficial to the world as a whole.